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Client organizations I have had the good fortune to work within over the last 17 years

A true pleasure to work with Susanne and I would highly recommend her for any executive that wishes to take their game to the next level. Susanne has the unique blend of being a seasoned, intelligent and empathetic Executive Coach who takes the time to understand your end goals, the business challenges, your unique strengths in order to determine the best personalized approach. Susanne is one of the best.

Martha Turner, Vice President Marketing, CST Consultants Inc.

Susanne is one of the best coaches that I’ve had the experience to work with. We met as she facilitated the “Leader as Coach” workshop at my previous company (St. Jude Medical). The workshop was so successful and in such high demand by our management employees that we offered it several times. Her positive influence over members of our leadership team was significant. She was sought out to provide individualized coaching by my peers and the results were exceptional. She has the unique ability to seamlessly combine warmth, accountability, trust and integrity. She digs deep with her clients –whether in a group setting or individually- by establishing a high level of trust and credibility with them. Susanne always has their best interests in mind, creating an environment that invites vulnerability and deep self-reflection. She is committed to and successful at helping her clients strive to be their best selves

Mark Hoffman, Vice President, Human Resources at Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

Susanne is an outstanding Executive Coach helping C-Suite leaders be their most authentic and real selves while dealing with organizational change.

Jay-Ann Gilfoy (Fordy), Senior Vice President at Vancity

The coaching experience that Susanne has provided to our leaders has been top notch! She is flexible, understanding, and is able to bring clarity to complex situations. She is supportive of the leaders in a way that illuminates their path forward.” - Cherie Lopez-All, Senior Staff Learning Specialist at QUALCOMM Inc.

Cherie Lopez-All, Senior Staff Learning Specialist at QUALCOMM Inc.

I wanted to thank you again for our coaching sessions this year. I was just thinking what is different about this year than past years and I believe it's around my stamina. Our coaching sessions and the assessments helped keep me more confident and composed throughout the full course of the year. I can see why many executives have a coach as it really helped to keep me focused, less distracted, and to remain calm through all the noise that exists during the course of a year. If there is anyone I can send a compliment to on your behalf please let me know!

Daniel M. Jarett, Vice President, T. Rowe Price Investment Services

I can honestly say I got more out of those sessions with you than with any other coaching experience or leadership course to date.

Physician leader at the largest medical group practice in the world. The first woman in the organization’s history to chair the neurology department, reporting directly to the CEO.

I've had the pleasure of hiring Susanne as an executive coach for multiple engagements and she has never disappointed me in her abilities or her professionalism. All of the coaching subjects for which I've hired Susanne have reported full satisfaction as well and the coaching outcomes have been well worth the investment. I highly recommend Susanne for leadership coaching and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Bryan Howard, Director, Talent and Organizational Development at EverBank

Susanne Biro did an amazing job as my leadership coach. Her passion for the job made it an easy experience for me and her ability to help me focus and see my future skyrocketed me over my hurdles. I would recommend Susanne to anyone seeking a coach.

Harry Mosley, Experienced IT Executive, High Performing Organizational Leader and Visionary (SunGard executive)

Susanne was incredibly proficient and efficient in accelerating my growth as a leader and coach. She used my own words and her insightful questions to challenge me to focus and achieve faster outcomes from my formal coaching relationships and to be more coach-like in all that I do. Our sessions were all about me and I loved them! I highly recommend Susanne to others who are looking for a great coach for leaders, regardless of the industry they serve in.

Cari Parker, Vice President, Manufacturing at Eastman Chemical Company

I have known and worked with Susanne for over 12 years. She is an outstanding leadership coach and an equally outstanding human being. She has worked with a countless number of our clients over the years and consistently gets the very best feedback possible for the results she is able to help her clients achieve. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a Leadership Coach.

Bryn Meredith, Chief Operating Officer at Bluepoint Leadership Development

I have known Susanne for a good number of years and can only say how highly I regard her and her work. I have recommended Susanne to a number of my clients and the results have always exceeded expectations. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to any position that she believes to be within her scope of work.

Bob Sinclair, TEC Master Chair

Susanne is a remarkable women, leader and coach! I have had the great pleasure of following her career for the past 20 + years. I have recommended Susanne to many friends and colleagues and they always get back to me with...'she is amazing!' Susanne has the special gift of being able to assess a person and their situation; process what's going on, and then through purposeful and insightful dialogue help them! Now that's talent!

John Rose, The Culture Audit™, Leadership Succession/Transition, Advisory Mentorship, Keynotes & Presentations

Susanne Biro is one of the most effective coaches in the leadership and learning industry. She served as a mentor and coach as I began my career in this business. She catapulted my trajectory to success and being in service by her insightful and concise challenges to my beliefs and perceptions. I've said before that Susanne makes the most difficult feedback taste good - which means she has an ability to share constructive, difficult and growth feedback in a way so good and so clearly meant to help that you want even more. She does not let one 'get by' - she challenges people to be their greatest selves and holds compassion for them as they learn their way to that self. As a colleague, I recommend and refer my most senior leaders and clients to her without hesitation because I know she delivers results in a complete, thorough and 100% trustworthy manner.

Stacey Sargent, CEO at Connect Growth and Development

In my capacity as CHRO I have referred a number of mid- to high-level managers to Susanne for executive coaching. Although the nature of the coaching relationship is confidential, I have heard uniformly positive comments about Susanne as a warm, empathetic, but results oriented coach. Personally, I have attended seminars in which Susanne has presented, and I have always found her authentic, intellectually stimulating, and a warm and caring individual. I have no hesitation in recommending Susanne in any personal or professional coaching situation.

Randy Stedman, Executive Director, Labor Relations & Human Resources at TriMet

Susanne is one of the most talented coaches, speakers and writers I have ever met. Her ability to see things clearly and glean the most important levers to move someone forward, is nothing short of amazing. What I admire most about Susanne is her strength, courage and conviction to live her life as closely aligned with her values as possible. She doesn’t stop at mere conversation about what she cares most about and the change she hopes to see – she’s out there making it happen. This is true in numerous realms of her life including career, family and veganism, to name a few. Simply put: Susanne is an amazing human being whom I am grateful to call a friend and colleague.

Kristen Buckley, Director of Leadership Development at Traction-on-Demand

Susanne is a first rate professional coach and a fantastic person that brings a wealth of experience, wisdom, incisiveness and warmth to any relationship. She gets business and knows how to bring out the behaviors that drive great leadership.

David Parks, Vice President, Bluepoint Leadership Development

Susanne is an amazing coach who I am honored to recommend. We worked together when I was going through a significant career change within a tumultuous corporate environment. Having worked with many coaches over the course of my career I can honestly say that Susanne was more effective in our first 1/2 hour together than others over the entire course of our engagement. Her ability to cut through the noise and bottom line a situation is unmatched. She easily unpacked what mattered most to me in any given scenario and held a mirror for me in a way the created clarity. From here she expertly challenged me while extending immense trust in my capabilities. Her coaching was pivotal to the where I am today. I admire her craft and strongly recommend her to anyone ready to raise their game to a whole new level!

Kym Cadle, CPCC, Corporate Culture & Engagement, Social Responsibility | Leadership Development | Professional Coach | Speaker

Susanne is a truly inspirational coach and author. Her passion for coaching shines through in her work and every conversation that she has. She is highly skilled and experienced and ensures that she takes every opportunity to challenge others to be the best that they can be. Her words of wisdom have had a massive impact on me and allowed me to grow and develop in all aspects of my life. Her approachable, empathetic manner encourage openness and her honesty and insights help challenge your mind-set and see opportunities for growth and happiness. She is also a true professional and pragmatist when helping organisations see the benefit of developing coaches and leaders. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Tracy Fitzgerald, Director Woodpecker Wisdom Ltd

Susanne is a woman of impeccable integrity. She combines deep compassion with insightful questions to engage individuals in seeking out their learning edge.

Camille Preston, PhD, PCC, Author, Speaker, Exec. Coach, Expert in Leadership, Purposeful Productivity and Virtual Effectiveness

Thank you so much for the focused effort and care you've shared with me over the past months. It was worthwhile and insightful to look into my motivators, with a newly calibrated compass to assess my values. I've learned to not let the capacity of others influence my own diplomacy. The most valuable element of our coaching was being challenged to be free and forward thinking, without the corporate guidelines that are typically forced upon us as leaders, visionaries and figureheads. Thanks so much again.

C-Level Exec at the fastest growing innovation agency in the world

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