For 15 years Susanne has worked internationally with senior level leaders.


I am a confidant and coach to C-Suite and executive level leaders.

My clients hold significant titles, and thus, have few unbiased people with whom they can speak freely. I provide a confidential, safe place to affirm the realities of their inner world: personal struggles, real frustrations, complex business challenges, people issues, and the daunting opportunities of our global, networked marketplace. Together, we discuss how they can more effectively lead themselves and others well, taking into account the complexity, visibility, and political landscapes they must navigate.

My talent is to see the human being behind a powerful title and provide useful feedback, perspective, and insight that results in leaders reaching their next level of personal, professional and spiritual mastery.

“He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.”
― Lao Tzu

I support those working with sustainable, compassionate, and ethical offerings. 604.864.5408 to discuss your current challenges and opportunities to see if we are a good fit.

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Leadership Coach

Clients include top physician leaders at the Mayo Clinic, presidents of General Electric businesses, and Vice Presidents at Celgene, Eastman Chemical, Everbank, F5 Networks, Konica Minolta, KPMG, New York Life Insurance, QualComm, St. Jude Medical, SunGard, Symantec, T. Rowe Price and numerous others.

“I can honestly say I got more out of those sessions with you than with any other coaching
experience or leadership course to date.” ~ Physician leader at the world's largest medical group practice.



Susanne is the co-author of Unleashed! Leader as Coach and the corresponding Leader as Coach™ workshop.

A two-day program that is now available in eight languages. The program has been adopted by leading organizations such as Alcatel Lucent, American Airlines, American Express, Arizona Federal Credit Union, Brooks Running, Calgary Health Region, Colgate-Palmolive, Celgene, Derma Services, Eastman Chemical, Epcor, Erie Insurance, LCBO, General Electric, Group Health, Husky Oil, Invesco, KPMG, Masco, Mayo Clinic, Mercedes, Motorola,, T. Rowe Price and St. Jude Medical, among others.

Unleashed! The Leader as Coach

This transformative program will change the way you
approach and practice leadership.

Call me at 604.864.5408 to learn more.

“Leader as Coach” is one of the most impactful courses
I have ever taken.” ~ Jonathan T. Losk Vice President,
St. Jude Medical

Thought Leadership

Learn about the inner work required to lead, the art
of effective coaching, and the necessity of veganism.

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Today’s leaders will not merely lead our organizations—they will shape our world.

Trying Vegan

Visionary leaders promote the benefits of veganism. Why? It’s one of the best ways to address our most serious global challenges—from heart disease and diabetes to world hunger and climate change.

Most recently Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet, announced that the number one “game-changing” trend of the future is the consumption of plant-based proteins instead of meat.

If you are a vegan executive or a senior leader in a vegan business and interested in leadership development and coaching, please contact me at 604.864.5408.

I am also available as a writer, speaker, or advocate for your vegan event or project.

Learn more about veganism at Trying Vegan


Susanne Brio

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”
- Archimedes

I’ve been a barber, an international advertising executive, a published author, and a workshop facilitator, but combining my leadership coaching expertise with my passion for veganism is what excites me most these days.

My interest in the psychology of human motivation, the creation of peak performance, the manifestation of real success, and the study and application of effective leadership led me to becoming an executive leadership coach. As for veganism, it is, without a doubt, a key lever to address many of the critical challenges we face as a global community.


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